We often value protection and comfort on our upper body while the majority of the time it’s our legs doing the heavy lifting. 

Allzu oft schützen wir unseren Oberkörper, während es doch unsere Beine sind, die uns den ganzen Tag lang tragen. Die Boulder 125 Leggings ist aus dem gleichen ultraleichten Nuyarn-Merino-Material mit 125 GSM gefertigt wie das Langarmshirt mit Rundhalsausschnitt, damit deine Beine bei jeder Outdoor-Aktivität optimal geschützt sind.

Hergestellt in Vietnam von Dar Lon Garment Company Ltd.

Produktcode 2211122-BLK


  • Die herausragende Bluesign®-zertifizierte Nuyarn-Merino-Technologie mit 125 GSM sorgt für
  • kuschelweichen Tragekomfort und ein hervorragendes Wärme-Gewichts-Verhältnis. Zudem trocknet der
  • Stoff fünfmal schneller und ist extrem langlebig
  • Superfeine, mulesingfreie, australische Merinowolle mit 18 Mikron für maximale Weichheit und hohen
  • Tragekomfort
  • Super Stretch-Komfort, aber trotzdem formfest
  • Moderne Passform, die wenig Haut zeigt
  • Strategisch platzierte Einsätze für atmungsaktiven Tragekomfort
  • Nicht einschneidende Flatlocknähte
  • Zwickel im Schritt
  • Waschmaschinenfest





Skifahren, Snowboarden, Klettern, Wandern, Bergsteigen


Moderne Passform


85% Superfine Nuyarn® merino wool 15% Nylon

5.0 Based on 3 reviews

Reviews.co.uk | Product

I am extremely sensitive to wool itch. I have yet to find a top that I can wear that doesn't drive me crazy from itch (yes, I have tried down to 15.5 micron). For bottoms, this is one of only two that I really like and can wear all day. Both of the two that work well for me are nuyarn. The artilect feels like a more premium product. The fit is wonderful with the amount of natural stretch available. It feels much nicer in how it holds than all the spandex based bottoms I have tried. I have full range of motion for weight lifting and cycling. It's skin tight without being overtly compressive. I do have lifters thighs and calves which makes most tighter in those areas but these are just fine. Some things I would change? I have a fat belly which means I wear pretty much all pants on my hips. That makes me have a preference for lower rise. These still require me to keep them lower then they are designed, but it definitely isn't a problem. On the plus side, it helps leave plenty of material for stretch during squatting. The other thing I don't love is the warmth! It's too warm. For something so light, they can provide quite a bit of warmth. I am hoping to use these year round as a low odor base layer for moisture management. It's not clear I will be able to do that on warmer spring and fall days. I am not used to wool's properties. The way it can take moisture and still feel dry is incredible. When I wore the boulder 125 crew (which is itchy for me, reviewing separately) the way it dealt with arm pit moisture is incredible. Chaffing from moisture is one of my primary issues, and with wool, it is gone. I highly recommend this product particularly for those that can wear most wool. I say that as someone who has tried multiple products across more than a dozen brands. This one is fantastic.
Derrek Leute on 19 May 2024
Verified Reviewer

Reviews.co.uk | Product

Super lightweight, brilliant fabric, have kept me warm, dry and odour free on the slopes! SO impressed!
Anonymous on 28 Feb 2024
Verified Reviewer

Reviews.co.uk | Product

Great Service with next day delivery. Product is good quality, appear well made and very lightweight. Feel Comfy and Warm when worn. Unnecessary excessive and no doubt expensive product boxing and packaging.
Anonymous on 22 Jan 2023




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