One of the core beliefs of ARTILECT is that we serve a community of people who approach their daily lives with the same sense of discovery and high level of intensity that they do in their outdoor activities, facing many of the same performance needs.

Using this belief as our guide, ARTILECT Studio was born.

In Studio, ARTILECT's namesake equation, "Equal parts art and intelligence", remains our driving factor so the next-level technology and innovation found in our A/SYS-DNA dimensional performance platform can also benefit our users on a daily basis.

Utilizing the technology found in our most advanced A/SYS apparel components, ARTILECT Studio styles offer protection from the elements, thermoregulation, moisture-management, and anti-odor at the highest level - That's the intelligence.

ARTILECT's belief in the necessity of a strong design aesthetic, combined with a desire to not take ourselves too seriously - That's the art.