The Merino Wool Layering Guide

The Merino Wool Layering Guide

The Complete Merino Wool Layering Guide

From Cashmere to Merino, wool is a popular fabric for adventures outdoors. Merino wool is a firm favourite when it comes to layering for adventurers and athletes alike. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking, which also makes it an option even in warmer climates. 

Our merino wool is a high-grade fabric that is ethically sourced from sustainable, non-mulesed wool vendors, guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly days. And, with our Nuyarn non-chemical spinning structure we reduce the use of raw materials and carbon footprint even further!

In this guide, we explore how to layer your merino and Nuyarn wool clothing whatever the weather, and why choosing appropriate,  high-performance clothing for your adventures really ups your performance and recovery to the next level.

How to Layer Your Merino Wool Clothing

Below we will explain each type of layer. The number of layers and the thickness of each layer required is highly dependent on the activity you’re undertaking and the weather, so you may not need each of these layers. Consider your needs and whatever feels most comfortable for you.