Performance and responsibility
At ARTILECT, we obsess over the responsibility attributes of our materials at the same level as we do in performance, and engineer our products for superior long-term durability and repairability. While health and environmental regulations are forcing the removal of PFAS from products we can continue our focus on increasing performance.

Everything we do has an impact on the environment around us. How big an impact is something we care about at ARTILECT. When we say we want to be alive in the world, we are talking about performing at our best with the least amount of impact on the world we love to play in.

This is not easy, as product that gives the very best performance requires a lot, which means compromise is a constant challenge. We don’t like to comprise, so we source raw materials and develop technologies that provide the highest level of performance without compromising our commitment to the environment.

We consider the entire lifecycle of everything we create, so every aspect of our process, from fit to final product is designed to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible and provide gear that lasts for generations.

This is because we are not just an outdoor company, we live to be alive in the world.