How Clothing Can Improve Performance and Recovery

How Clothing Can Improve Performance and Recovery

How Clothing Can Improve Performance and Recovery

The right gear with the ability to facilitate healing and in turn, improve performance is critical, particularly for avid outdoor enthusiasts. But, also for beginners just starting. No matter your physical ability, everyone should focus on preventing injury. Sportswear of the greatest quality has been meticulously designed to provide the best support for your muscles, allowing you to train vigorously, for longer, and recover faster.

In this guide, we will explain in more detail why choosing the appropriate clothing for your adventures is important and how it can improve performance and recovery.

Outdoor Gear and Improved Performance

Physical training gear tailored to your sport can help you improve your overall performance by supporting the proper muscle groups during training and providing movement and protection in the places that need it the most. This allows you to work more successfully while reducing the risk of damage. So, how can you choose high-performance outdoor clothing to improve your performance?


A key material property to look out for when shopping for activewear is moisture-wicking and breathability. The flow of heat from your body will be stifled if you wear a top made of non-breathable material such as cotton. This causes excessive heating, reducing the amount of time you can exercise.


Moisture-wicking material such as merino wool is going to help you stay dry, preventing sweat to stay on your skin, which makes it great for a base layer. This is vital to keep you comfortable. Excessive sweating during high-intensity activities such as climbing and mountaineering or trail running needs support and control from your choice of clothing to avoid discomfort, chafing, and rubbing.


You should also consider the flexibility of a material to enhance your movement capabilities. Freedom of movement is very important in outdoor gear! Technologically advanced materials such as the Nuyarn merino wool found in our clothing ranges are specifically designed to increase movement with its naturally elastic fibre structure. Rigid materials such as denim and canvas will restrict your movement negatively affecting your performance.

Temperature Control

The best performance clothing will also control your body temperature. This is a crucial material property to support you during outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions such as skiing. You should look for a material that can insulate heat during cold conditions and also keep you cool in the heat, and layer your clothing according to your requirements. You can find this quality in synthetic smart materials such as polypropylene and GORE-TEX, as well as natural merino wool.

Water Resistance

To enhance performance during bad weather your clothing must be wind- and waterproof to act as a barrier between your body and the environment. A waterproof material should be able to completely protect against rain, snow, and wind completely preventing water absorption.