Primaloft BIO

A world first technology, Primaloft BIO fabrics and Silver active insulations feature the superior warmth-to-weight performance of Primaloft's exclusive patented micro denier fiber technology, even when wet. Due to their unique BIO properties, the 100% recycled fabrics and insulations also offer unmatched cradle-to-cradle sustainability properties not found in any other synthetic alternatives.

PrimaLoft® Bio™ represents a holistic solution for every step of a product’s continued journey. The use of 100% recycled material means a drastic reduction in the amount of carbon emitted during the production of the fibers, as compared to similar fibers made from non-recycled polyester. Highly durable and built to last, PrimaLoft® Bio™ returns to materials found in nature only when exposed to marine, wastewater, and landfill environments – reducing the long-term impact of microplastics in those environments. PrimaLoft® Bio™ can be chemically recycled, again and again, while maintaining the same high performance – which means the fibers are ready for the future of circularity.