The Ultimate Base Layer Guide

The Ultimate Base Layer Guide

The Ultimate Base Layer Guide

Base layers are clothes worn closest to your skin to help keep you warm while absorbing sweat. These are especially useful in cold climates or during certain sports, for example running, cycling or skiing.

In this guide we run through everything you need to know about base layers. Including the benefits of base layers, the different base layer materials, how base layers should fit and how to wear base layers in both cold and warm weather.

What do Base Layers do?

Base layers have an array of benefits. However, the main benefits of base layers are:

Temperature Control

Base layers offer both ventilation and breathability, meaning they can keep you cool in a warm environment but also warm when the cold sets in, especially with low temperature sports like skiing. Because of this, the right base layers can help regulate your temperature and keep you comfortable whatever the weather.


Base layers are known for wicking. This is when moisture is moved from the skin to the fabric. This is why wicking fabrics are widely popular for sports clothing as they can remove sweat and keep your skin dry.