Nuyarn Technology

When it was time to create the foundation for ARTILECT SYSTEMS, we needed innovation partners that shared our high level of desire to push technlogy. Partners that had a relentless drive to do something new, something better and shared the same care we have for our environment. Even more than this – we needed something revolutionary... and proven. Our journey led us to Nuyarn®, an innovative merino engineering company who are pushing the limits of what fabrics can do.

ARTILECT is committed to responsibly sourced wool from suppliers and farmers who are devoted to animal health and welfare, using only responsibly sourced, certified non-mulesed Australian merino wool.

More than merino?

We all know merino wool’s natural properties. Its multi-climate abilities, breathability, moisture absorption and odour reduction are well known, but traditional processes of spinning and tightly twisting the fibers inhibits the full power of its natural benefits. Traditional merino fabrics are prone to forming holes and losing shape, becoming heavy when wet and being significantly slower to dry than synthetic performance fabrics. Nuyarn technology is different.